Waiting for the BART

I’ve lived in a few different cities, but originally hail from Paducah, Kentucky. I spent many years bouncing from place to place, but spent the majority of that time in Chicago and Memphis. I value intelligence and nonconformity, and you have to be prepared to smile and nod when I get all excited and chatty about a physics breakthrough, latest aggro-tech album, or the killing off of a character in some obscure book series. I’m technically atheist, with taoist ethical leanings.  I work hard and have a goal in mind for myself somewhere down the road, but I’m trying to have a fun and beautiful time getting there. I was a brainy nerd that became a beat poet guy that became an uber-goth dj/musician that came back around to my inner nerd. I’ve worn a lot of hats, done a lot of things, and have a list a mile long of things I still want to do.

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