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Concert Photography

These pics are from concerts, festivals, and cruises I have attended the past few years. They include Kinetik Festival, Aftermath, Gothic Cruise, Triton Festival, and various concert tours across the US and Canada.

Kinetik Festival 5.5


I referee for Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby (since February 2011) and have been a member of a fledgling men’s team. I enjoy the exercise, the excitement, and the challenge of it. I have been associated with the Radioactive City Rollergirls and the West Kentucky Rockin’ Rollers, and have guest reffed as far as Michigan, Alabama, Chicago, Quebec, and Missouri. I was promoted to head ref for my team in December of 2012.

Art Photography

I would like to believe I have a good eye as a photographer. I also spent some time as a photographer and a Photoshop editor, plus I volunteer for Operation Photo Rescue digitally restoring photos destroyed in natural disasters.

On The Rocks

I find the purest serenity at the apex of a climb. It is possibly the single most gratifying activity I have discovered, seeing as no one helps you, and when you reach the summit, you have no one to thank for it other than yourself. The view is a reward for the effort and perseverance invested, and the feeling of pride and accomplishment stays with you.

My usual spots include Cedar Bluffs (Illinois), Ferne Clyffe (Illinois), Jackson Falls (Illinois), and Devil’s Lake (Wisconsin).

The Pulse 49 This is my tribute to the victims of the Pulse massacre. I drew them all in charcoal on 18×24 art paper, and then embellished with vinyl framing to add the colors of the Pride flag.  The stories of the victims are below, in the same order as they appear on the piece (alphabetical). ” order_by=”sortorder” […]
The open hand. The first time I called a suicide hotline was when I was eight.   They were clueless and ended up soliciting me for donations, and I couldn’t explain to my parents why they were suddenly receiving literature on depression in the mail for the next few weeks. The hotline’s ineptitude actually angered me enough that […]
The Song and The Sword There was a beautiful princess. She grew up in a world of pink petunias, mauve moons, and fuchsia fireflies . Her hair trailed like golden mist while her laugh chimed like silver bells. She had a smile that outshone the stars and eyes like slivers of sky, with grace and humility to match. Her father […]
This Speech is Free. I’ve seen the term “Freedom of Speech” thrown around haphazardly lately, mostly by people that obviously don’t have any grasp as to what it means. This is mostly a response to the recent debacle regarding Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, and his suspension from A&E Networks. I’m here to make the facts clear. First, let’s […]
Scary Christmas to all, and to all a good fright! The Krampus is an old European Christmas tradition, in which Santa had a devilish sidekick, the “Krampus”, who would punish the naughty children, ofttimes in horrific ways. I thought it was about time he had a Christmas poem of his very own. For more Krampus information check out this National Geographic article. For more information on the […]
…was once New Amsterdam… Triton Festival is a three-day music festival of Industrial/EBM/Synthpop/Gothic bands in New York City. It was filled with top names, and the tickets were cheap, so it didn’t take a lot of arm-twisting on Kelsey and Christina’s parts to convince me to attend. I wanted to rise to the challenge of living out of a […]
When the toys go winding down… I spent my childhood in a never-ending cycle of escapism from the world around me. In the daytime I was at school, where I was ostracized for being a weirdo (which, by all accounts, was an accurate description of a kid that pretended he was a werewolf and drew zombies). My evenings were spent either […]