Heroine and nicotine scars upon my brain
Swimming in the coffee deciding if I’m sane
Busted seams and broken dreams come to me again
Peering through the darkness to discover life and pain

Trying to remember when my downfall starts
Was it when I found my dick or when I lost my heart
The barbed hooks of memory pull my mind apart
Blood caked on the canvas oh I suffer for my art

Everything within my head has come so disconnected
The tragedy of losing it now leaves me resurrected
Empty eyes and a broken heart leave me unprotected
Hypodermic full of lies gouge my spine infected

Blackness of disgusted hate swells beneath the skin
Peel it back to find the shit of others left within
Eat of my body drink of my blood and burn me for my sins
Fermented vinegar of my soul don’t let the roses in