Dystopian SciFi Novel Ideas

Dystopian scifi novel ideas:

1. One half of the population are born with a genetic condition that causes them to be paid 20% less than the other half. They must then take this smaller amount and use a portion of it on “necessities” to maintain the health and hygiene of their own bodies, by no fault of their own, but because the other half decides it is so, due to systematic objectification, social subjugation, and legislative dismissal of the first half.. Plot twist – Their “disorder” actually maintains the entire species.

2. Aliens invade a planet and drive its indigenous population nearly extinct. They enslave other aliens to build an infrastructure. Then, once the slaves get wise and demand equality, they decide that “diversity” isn’t such a boon after all, and they build a planetary defense shield so they don’t have to share the world they stole from one race while building it on the enslaved backs of another. Oh, and Jupiter is paying for the planetary defense shield.

3. In a far flung alternate world, love is deemed less important than fear of “different” love. Loving couples are banned from being together, orphans are left without homes, and the populace decides that love can only be interpreted in a certain way, based on their own conflicting viewpoints, and no one can even agree on what that “way” even is. Surprise Ending – Their way isn’t “Love” at all. Love doesn’t divide. Love multiplies.

I think the next four years I will be FILLED with ideas. I’m going to make Phillip K. Dick proud.