Lunch Date

I was walking in the back yard of a customer’s house, looking for the power meter. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted movement, quickly, in my direction. I looked down to find a black and white bunny rubbing against my feet. I looked him in the eye, and he looked back, expectantly. It was a hot day today, so I went to my van. Being a good time to take a short break, I grabbed some water and my carrots and strawberries I had brought for lunch. I went back and sat on a pile of bricks, and the bunny came running. I petted it for a moment, bemoaning the jagged scar it had acquired across its nose, and then I flipped an old tap plate to make a bowl. I poured him some water, and shared my lunch with him. He seemed pretty pleased as punch about the whole thing, especially the strawberries. Best lunch date ever.