Starting from a breeze
My journey of a thousand winds
Had found tragic dusk
Hull split against the crags of unforgiving shame
Soul in splinters, destiny uncharted
And my compass overboard

I found myself in a purgatory of the body
A self-imposed exile of myself
From myself
Wandering the darkened labyrinth of innocence lost
And penance found
And then your kiss came to me on the breeze

The Abyss and I had dancead and danced
And I was one step from oblivion’s embrace
But your kiss drew me up
Fingertips on my cheek and words on my heart
Piercing the mists of confusion and remorse

I was a stranger lost amongst strangers
And you found me
I was a fool lost amongst memories
And you guided me
I was a feather on the edge of the storm
But your kiss on the breeze brought me home

We laughed through days
We held through nights
My skies were blue
Pale as your eyes
And clear as far as the future could take us

I never anticipated that the journey would be alone.

The Abyss I had courted had come for you instead
No amount of hoarse cries or despair’s tears
Could assuage the cruel hand of destiny
Could slow the grasp of mortality
And before I could bring myself to say goodbye
Your kisses fell through my fingers with the breeze

6 feet of words and sorrow and grief
But dawn came
The sun shone onwards towards blue skies
Pale as your eyes
And on mended wing, I take flight
Held aloft by your kisses on the breeze.