One Less Holland…

Today is the day! I have a shirt to press, pants to hem, a tie to tie, and a suit to button before walking my sister down the aisle and giving her away (although I’m pretty sure I could at least 30 bucks for her)! I’m happy for her, this has been a long time coming. I wish our dad could have been here, but I am so honored to be the one to fill his shoes (if I don’t screw up, somehow! Trust me, I could find a way). Now I am the last Spinster (Spinstro? Spinstrino?) of us. I guess I should start collecting cats, take up bingo, and live vicariously through soap operas.

Incidentally, The only way ties can be this expensive is if they are spun by AKC Registered Shih-Tzu/Tarantula mix fed a diet of Epson Printer Cartridge ink. My looks apparently no longer have monetary value.