A Declaration

I believe in equality. I have friends that identify as gay, straight, or trangendered. I have friends of every color, creed, and ethnic background. I am friend to anyone who has ever treated me as an equal. I am more apt to defend a defenseless animal than an evil human. I can say from experience that that does not include those who believe them above reproach and “soldiers of righteousness”. I might rustle some feathers here, but it’s about damned time I did. I defend the rights of my gay friends to marry. I defend the separation of church and state. I defend the right to bear arms. I defend the rights of those that can’t defend themselves. I am pro-choice. I am pro-liberty. I am pro-humanity. I believe in trickle down economics as much as I believe in welfare, and I think true economic utopia exists in some middle ground, not at the extremes. I didn’t vote for Obama or Busch, I actually voted socialist (for Gloria La Riva nd Eugene Puryear). I might be seen as the enemy by many of you, including family. I usually keep my opinions to myself, but have now decided that defending the minorities of this country requires my public declaration. I am a liberal. I am from Kentucky, so I still like my guns. But I will defend the rights of every citizen to marry, adopt, work, and be treated as an equal as long as I draw breath. This is possibly my first political post, but might not be my last. As long as animals are mistreated, as long as gays are a subclass, as long as religious freedom is a pantomime, I will stand strong in the face of adversity. I will lose friends. I will see family turn away. But we shall triumph in the face of adversity and bigotry. I am a proud member of PFLAG and a supporter of the ASPCA. I am a man, and will not falter to the pressures of a Fox News public.


PFLAG NO Logo 2010