Carnal Release

I tremble
Enraptured in infernal embrace
All instinct and passion tempered by fear
Quaking breaths–needing, wanting
Fuck wisdom
I feel, I need, I want
I must make sacrifice of the flesh
That houses this scared little boy
This caged animal
I must release myself…
I must release myself…

The susurrus of the sensual secrets of skin
Sacrosanct satiation, sublimation of sin
Esurient for your sapor, a slave to your sting
I serve your savage sermon – suggilate with every swing
I desire the damnation of your deviant design
Destroy my defenses, defiled and denied
Dripping deadly dew – demonic defloration
Depraved and deposed – discreet domination
I must release myself…

I must release myself
Of blasphemous pretentions of hope
Of enigmatic ideas of love
Slice away my inhibitions
Defile me, destroy me
Give me what I can understand
Touch me where I cannot be reached
Not by human hands
Let me lose control
Let me release the pounding within my fearful breast
Let my blood flow free
Let me be myself, for once
But not myself alone
But myself alone with you
But myself alone with you.
I must release myself…