Don’t Speak

There was a day
And so many nights
When laughter and light
Kept us talking well into dawn

The smiles all ran out
And we awkwardly found ourselves
Avoiding our eyes
With comfortable lies
Until avoiding is all we could do.

Don’t give the words flesh
I don’t need to know
Need to hear
Need it clear
I would have been fine
Had we simply kept drifting off into shadows.

I knew…

Let the yawning chasm between us
Speak volumes by its silence
And let us part as faded memories.
It needs no epitaph.

I didn’t want to know his name
Nor how we compare
Unless cruelty is your design…
The reasons only hurt.

Time would have washed away
Our eroding connection
There was no need
To burn it with acid words
And salt the earth behind you.

There was no need
To turn estranged friendship
Into bitter lamentation.

There was no need to bring the storm
Instead of letting the words trail off into the wind
Lost among the rustle of falling leaves
And the cycle of death and rebirth.

There was no need
To punctuate the end with a scar.

This simply was no need.