Yesterday, I had to do an install. It was 106 degrees, and much of it was outside. But it ended up pretty awesome.

The customers had a daughter, probably about 9 years old, named Marisol. She followed me from spot to spot, telling me everything about everything. She even wanted to help where she could. I would let her “help”, asking her to pull a wire or hold my ladder.

She told me that they had puppies hidden in drawers and cabinets. She knew the breeds and would call them by name. She’d open the cabinet doors to peek at the imaginary dogs, and warn me that they bite.

She told me that the house was haunted, and she had names for the ghosts that lived in each room of the house. She would point at them suddenly, and then tell me how I’d “just missed them”.

She told me the facts of life, of how their dog needed a boyfriend dog to make puppies. She was wise to the ways of the birds and the… pitbulls.

She told me about the attic, and how she’s never been up there. She told me her mom saw something up there that scared her, so she’s not allowed up in the attic. I said it might be a spider. She looked at me intently and whispered “OR IT COULD BE A HUMAN BODY”.

My job is awesome.