Icarus Heart

Staring down the barrel
Who will flinch?
I’m on a collision course with oblivion
Playing chicken one night at a time.
The nameless hunger compels me
To do or dare
To take the air
To fall… where…
The heart cannot soar so high
On wings of wax
And self-deception
But here I lay
Broken on the rocks
Of enlightenment and despair
Of ugly truth laid bare
The falsehoods made aware
I dream of her touch
Like sunlight
And hope
And tomorrow’s kiss
Waking to the quaking sobs of faking the love-making
The hand taking
The soul shaking…
This undertaking took with hook and snare
Everything I had laid bare
Of a heartbeat so… rare
Plummet from the summit
Of misread tomorrows
Of destiny borrowed
then curdled to sorrow
So here I lay
Broken, bleeding
Awaiting the pale kiss
The conciliatory rain of feathers
Unable to obscure my view
And there she is
Still beautiful as ever
Like sunlight
And hope
And tomorrow’s kiss.