BBC – Luther

I spent the ride home watching Luther on Netflix. My conclusions : Episode 1 – Intriguing. Episode 2 – Revealing. Episode 3 – Impressive. Episode 4 – I had chills from the intensity of the acting and writing 3 times. Episode 5 – I find myself yelling back at a tiny screen on my phone at performances bigger than IMAX, with plots weaving through my brain and tragedies that hook barbs into my heart. The subtle power of each actor is astounding, the random portrayal of life is realistic, and the shades of gray in every character is captivating, like a monochromatic kaleidoscope of obsession, wrath, and hope.¬†At first, it might look like a crime drama. But it is truly about Idris Elba’s character Luther, and his dance across a razorblade between love and vengeance, failure and conviction, and right and wrong.